5. I can’t scan Nemo Code.

Nemo Code is a new certification code consisting 5 Nemo Blocks and a digital watermark that is not seen by bare eyes. On the image, there are hidden codes.
Lightening conditions are very important for scanning Nemo Code since there are hidden codes unseen by bare eyes. If you can’t scan Nemo Code, there’s a high chance that you are scanning it in a dark space.
Try to scan Nemo Code with the flash button on or under the natural light or electric light!
Please refer to the image below to find the flash button on YG x NEMOZ App.
<Scanning Correctly>
Also, you can scan Nemo Code well when you scan it from the top of the card straight.
Check whether you are scanning the card diagonally!
<Scanning in a wrong way>
When you can’t scan Nemo Code after trying the above methods, please send us a 1:1 inquiry.
We will help you ASAP.